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Last updated: April 17, 2019

HYDRO POWER INVESTMENT SRL is a legal entity registered under number 29005405 with Romanian private capital (“Company” or “us”). The Company takes all necessary measures to protect the personal data of site visitors (so-called “visitors”) as long as they visit (generally referred to as the “website”) and their content.


We use cookies on our website to improve your browsing experience and the functionality of your website.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file placed in your web browser or in your application. It has different roles, from security to authentication or traffic monitoring. Lifespan is variable, depending on what it is used for. The web site plants such information in your web browser for:

  • Keep your authentication (when you’re logged in, where you navigate and use your operating system) So you can have access to an overview of your logs at anytime and you can always get a device that seems to have not been used by you. We also use this technology to protect your fraudulent cookie injection account and to stop your password-breaking attacks by counting how many unsuccessful authentications have been made from where this has been attempted.
  • Which browser you use, which operating system you use or what resolution your monitor has
  • What you are looking for on your website to give you interesting ads for you

Our Goals

We use cookies to:

  • As we have shown the most important role of a cookie is the functionality of the website, its security, and the timely detection of any fraudulent use attempt.
  • We try to understand your interests to present interesting solutions (including interesting ads for you)
  • Achieving anonymized statistics on website visitors to know resource loading to continually optimize server requirements and our Internet connections
  • Optimizing your web experience, automatically reminding your preferences, so you do not have to make different settings every time you access the website

We may, within the applicable laws, link data received from cookies with other information obtained from legal sources (eg online accounts, service usage information, etc.)


Every time you enter our website you can create a long-term cookie that will be stored in your web browser, a cookie that will be read by us or our partners when you return. At the same time there are short-term cookies that are automatically deleted after leaving the website or after a short period of time.

Many web browsers give you the choice whether or not you accept cookies. However, as shown below, there are cookies required to run the service, so the website may not work for you at all. In any case, using web browser preferences, you can decide on which cookies you accept and what not.

2.1. Cookies used by the Company

Cookies absolutely necessary

These types of cookies are required for you to use certain parts or all parts of the site. For example, cookies used to sign in to create sessions. If you delete or deny these cookies, you will not be able to log in, as they are cookies that are used to secure access to information strictly for authenticated people. At the same time, such a cookie gives you the ability to access data from your account, protected data in order not to be fraudulently read.

Function Cookies

When you make certain settings on our website, they can be saved under cookies. If you delete these cookies or refuse them, every time you enter our website you will need to make the settings again.

Analytical and performance cookies

It is important for us, but also for you to know how many users come to us on the website, which are the hours of the day and the days of the maximum load week, let us know how long you spent on our website. Why? Because we can give you maximum performance, and based on these analyzes, we will know how to give you maximum satisfaction on our website. We will also find out with such cookies that are not working well and we will be able to correct any problems

Marketing cookies and target advertising

When you visit our website, using this type of cookie we find out what your preferences are. This way, instead of seeing ads that have nothing to do with what you need to see completely random ads on our website. For example, you are interested in the subject of cars, but you will receive doll commercials if you refuse marketing cookies and target audience advertising. We use both our own cookies and cookies from other entities to ensure you have a good experience from this point of view as well.

Information on cookies used on our web site – without limitation to the list (for each site you can find the information on the respective website:

Cookie nameDescription / typeThe moment of creationLifespanData used / collected
sc_is_visitor_uniqueUnique visitor verificationEnter to the website2 yearsUnique user recognition
__cfduidStatcounterEnter to the website365 daysUnique traffic measurement ID
is_uniqueStatcounterEnter to the website5yearsUniqueness Visitor Traffic Measurement
is_visitor_uniqueStatcounterEnter to the website2yearsUniqueness Visitor Traffic Measurement
c_userFacebookLIke or shareFacebook user ID

2.2. Third-party cookies

Ad Cookies – Some ads on our website are distributed by other legitimate companies. Some companies use their own cookie system. These companies have their own cookie policy, and we do not have any decision-making power in these companies. We recommend that you read the cookie policy on this company’s Internet addresses.

Required Cookies:

  • _drip_client_
  • sc_is_visitor_unique
  • scnb-cookie-terms
  • wordpress_
  • wordpress_logged_in_

Cookies functionality:

  • “Google”
  • “Facebook”

Analytical Cookies:

  • “Statcounter”

We use and Google Analytics to monitor traffic and requirements for our website. We encourage you to carefully read the cookie policy of these sites


Many web browsers let you choose what cookies you are leaving and what not, or if you leave no cookies. We remind you that if you block cookies, our website may have some malfunctions. In any case, you have the freedom and the right to delete these cookies at any time (in part or in full). If the site becomes inaccessible and you still want to access it you can reveal the cookies policy and leave the necessary ones.

We remind you that if you do not keep your cookies for authentication, you will not be able to access your account, providing cookies with a high degree of security.

You can always ask for all your data regarding our website by email at Data will be deleted within 28 days of receiving your email. Exceptions do when a litigation occurs. Keeping your personal data will be retained by the Company throughout the litigation until a final and irrevocable solution to the dispute. At the same time we will contact you for this. Also, data may be retained at the request of lawful authorities entitled to request this for a period set by them

You can find more information about cookies at


This Cookie Policy may be updated by the Company

The company will inform Visitors about updates through a new Cookie Policy. Please visit our web site as often as possible to keep up with the changes

The Cookie Policy is applicable from the date of publication on the website