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Hotel Old Town Bucharest

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Hotel Old Town Bucharest

Sepcari Street no. 12-14, Old Center, sector 3, Hotel Old Town Bucharest

A building and an area that brings you into the atmosphere of Bucharest from another time, where you will discover that every detail is very carefully prepared. You will discover that you are in the immediate vicinity of the Parliament Palace, the University Square, and over the summer you will be able to enjoy every night the unique fountains in Europe in Unirii Square, one minute from the hotel. You can choose between double rooms or suites, and on the ground floor, there is our restaurant arranged in such a way as to feel excellent. Visit Hotel Old Town Bucharest for a unique experience.

Your stay at Hotel Old Town Bucharest may be the best option for a varied and relaxing stay in Bucharest. Hotel Old Town Bucharest is located in the most favorable tourist location in the center of Bucharest, 2 minutes from Unirii Square, right at the entrance to the Old Town, Bucharest.

From Hotel Old Town Bucharest you have the easiest access to all the tourist attractions in Bucharest, whether you take a walk or access a means of transport easily found in the vicinity of the hotel.

Are you on a business trip? Hotel Old Town Bucharest is located in the middle of the capital very close or with quick access to all business centers in Bucharest.


In our Premier Superior Room you will be greeted by Italian furniture, in vintage style harmoniously combined with modern style, to form a unique atmosphere.


The Deluxe Balcony rooms in the Hotel Old Town Bucharest offer a unique view, are equipped with a balcony, so you can spend special mornings and evenings, admiring the Old Center.


The Historic Junior Suite offers a bedroom with a comfortable and spacious bed as well as a sofa and a very comfortable bed in the main room and a balcony.


Generous spaces with their own identity given by a special design, with multiple facilities, for an unforgettable stay in Bucharest.


In our Twin Room you will be greeted by Italian furniture, in vintage style combined harmoniously with modern style.


Breakfast is served in the restaurant between 07:00 and 10:30 from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 11:30 on weekends.

The restaurants, terraces, and bars of the Old City remain in the top of preferences for an outing in the city. Especially if you want to feel the full energy of the city! From the first inns that appeared in the 1800s in the Historic Center or the Old Center as we call it today to the streets full of terraces today, a long time has passed. It is noteworthy that now as in the past, Historic Place is a reference point on the map of attractions of the Capital, being one of the most frequented places in Bucharest.

Located in the heart of Bucharest, the Old City is popular for the best restaurants and bars in Bucharest. The atmosphere is fantastic on the terraces, in restaurants and bars in the old city, or at our restaurant and bar at Hotel Old Town Bucharest with selected dishes and drinks from the most diverse. Here you can also spend the day visiting the local attractions or the most refined shops in Bucharest, and end in an ambiance with live music where most of the time you will have the opportunity to listen to the latest musical creations. At Hotel Old Town Bucharest, which is located at the entrance to the Old City you will find a variety of places and activities that will guarantee you a stay full of charm and a good mood. From the variety of culinary delicacies offered at the hotel restaurant or in the vicinity of the hotel to the neighboring restaurants and terraces to the finest drinks prepared by talented bartenders, you will have the most refined joys for an unforgettable stay. Just a few minutes from Hotel Old Town Bucharest you will be surprised by a water show that runs from Friday to Sunday in Unirii Square 150m away from the hotel. Or for a purely traditional Romanian experience, 5 minutes from the hotel you will find the most famous inn in Romania, “Manuc’s Inn”.

For more information about places to visit, the receptionists at Hotel Old Town Bucharest are at your disposal 24 hours a day.





One year after the inauguration of the Urban Fountains in Unirii Square and the launch of the water, music, and light show called “Water Symphony”, they have been recognized and approved as the Longest String of Synchronized Choreographic Fountains in the World, by, ‘ ‘World Record Academy.

Just 5 minutes from Hotel Old Town Bucharest are the Musical Fountains in Unirii Square, which were reopened in 2018 after an extensive rehabilitation process. Mosaic fountains, as they are also called, are the first urban fountains to benefit from state-of-the-art equipment and technology at the European level. As a result, the haylofts at Unirii Square have become one of the most important points of attraction in Bucharest. Built-in the late 80’s, the Musical Mosaic Fountains in Unirii Square is one of the longest such systems in the world of about 1.4 km along Unirii Boulevard., With water area of ​​16,200 m², located right in the centre of the capital.

Internationally renowned companies, architects, geographers, specialists in water entertainment and audio video design were part of the project team for the realization of these charming fountains in the vicinity of Hotel Old Town Bucharest

The Musical Fountains in Unirii Square offer variants of shows that run from Friday to Sunday, until the end of October. The water shows have different themes, the selected songs complementing the magic created by the play of water and lights. The Musical Fountains from the perimeter of Unirii Square and only 150m away from Hotel Old Town Bucharest offers water and light and music performances to tourists, in 4 operating modes: day, evening and night, from Monday to Thursday, and on weekends (from Friday to Sunday) it operates in the evening as a street show called the Water Symphony.

Built on a land that was once part of the Royal Court, Manuc’s Inn was ready to receive its guests since the spring of 1808. Today Manuc’s Inn is waiting for you as much as a guest lover as always, with well-chosen dishes. and ready to quench your appetite for food and history. For more than 200 years, Manuc’s Inn has been one of the symbol buildings of Bucharest, a construction with a more than fascinating history, which continues to conquer its visitors today.

In the vicinity of Hotel Old Town Bucharest is Manuc’s Inn at the entrance to the Old City of Bucharest and stands out with its Brancoveanu architecture, which Manuc gave a romantic touch in the desire to avoid the appearance of a fortress.

Manuc’s Inn is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the capital and houses cafes, restaurants, and shops, is one of the places in the city center where people of all ages meet daily to enjoy a few moments of relaxation in a traditional atmosphere.

Romanian. Manuc’s Inn stands out as I said above, through a Brancoveanu architecture, with massive wooden stairs and imposing balconies. In the past, it had several shops on the ground floor, warehouses, cellars, numerous kitchens, guest rooms upstairs, and an inner courtyard with a summer garden.

Over time, visitors have always been impressed by the architecture and history of the inn and the outlaw atmosphere, which we find today. Manuc’s Inn is an emblematic building and a historical monument to visit just 2 minutes from Hotel Old Town Bucharest.





The building of the “Palace of the Parliament” formerly called “People’s House” was built in the time of Nicolae Ceausescu.

More than 700 Romanian architects participated in the construction of the “Palace of the Parliament”, and all the materials used for the construction and decoration of the interiors came only from Romania.

The “Palace of Parliament” is in the World Records Academy in the following categories:

  • The “Palace of Parliament” in terms of volume is ranked 3rd in the world after the space rocket assembly building in Florida, USA, and after the pyramid of Quetzalcoatl in Mexico;
  • The Palace of Parliament is the second-largest administrative building in the world, after the Pentagon, USA;
  • The “Palace of Parliament” is the heaviest building in the world with 1 million cubic meters of marble and 700 thousand tons of steel and bronze and about 3 thousand tons of crystal.

Currently, the Palace of the Parliament houses the 2 chambers of the Romanian Parliament and the National Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Palace of the Parliament is just a 30-minute walk from the Hotel Old Town Bucharest and is open to the public, offering sightseeing programs in several languages ​​of international circulation.


We will present a few stories about the Old Town and why Hotel Old Town Bucharest may be the best option for your stay in the Romanian Capital.

The Old City or the Historic Centre of Bucharest is inscribed in the List of historical monuments in 2010. The historic center is a part of the Civic Centre neighborhood. Just minutes from the hotel you can visit the Old Court, Manuc’s Inn, Stavropoleos Churches, and St. Anton, as well as many other old buildings declared historic monuments.

As a location, Ion C. Brătianu Boulevard crosses the historic center from north to south, dividing this area into two approximately equal parts and also in this perimeter is the beginning of the old way. The old center stretches over 48 streets, between which are Lipscani, Șelari, Covaci, Doamnei, Stavropoleos, Franceză, Șepcari streets. Also, in the historic center, there are three entrances, three passages, and five squares or squares. Here you can always find a comforting atmosphere in the green space offered by Sfântul Gheorghe Park created around Sf. Gheorghe Nou Church, or Colțea Park where the Broken Violin Fountain is located.

Hotel Old Town Bucharest is only a few minutes away from ”minute 0 (Zero)” of Romania. In the Church Square Sfântul Gheorghe-Nou, is located (officially) the ”zero kilometer” of Romania.

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Inspiration for an unforgettable day or stay at Hotel Old Town Bucharest

A page of history and unique places just minutes from the Hotel Old Town Bucharest where is the oldest area of ​​merchants in the Historic Town known as Lipscani Street, which connected the major trade routes of Romania. At the same time, due to its location in the heart of Bucharest, the street was quickly populated by all kinds of merchants, who set up shops, shops, and inns. Nearby is now the Hotel Old Town Bucharest on Șepcari Street, very well known, of course, for the creators and traders of hats of those times.

Most of the streets in the Historical City around Hotel Old Town Bucharest are named after the craftsmen and merchants who made their century. For example, Șepcari Street, where there were workshops everywhere that produced and sold hats and caps. On this street being located Hotel Old Town Bucharest. The inns in the Historical City of Bucharest were always full of merchants from all over the world and were so crowded that some of them even slept in the yard by the wood fire. Among the most popular and famous were Tei Inn, Șerban Vodă’s Inn, and Manuc’s Inn where nowadays there is a traditional Romanian restaurant and which is located just 2 minutes from Hotel Old Town Bucharest.

The restaurants, terraces, and bars keep a bohemian air that has been found in the Historic Town of Bucharest for over 300 years. The urban atmosphere with famous inns and skilled merchants is also maintained by today’s traders who have adapted to the era in which we live.

In addition to Roman, Greek, Bulgarian, Serb, Jewish, Albanian, or Austrian merchants, they saw in Lipscani Street in the “Old Town” as it is now called, a potential trading area and they also opened numerous workshops, shops, inns or restaurants.

Along the streets of the Hotel Old Town Bucharest, usually on the ground floor, traders had shops with large windows, where they arranged their goods as attractively as possible, and above them, most merchants arranged their homes to be as close as possible to fabrics or jewelry whose trade ensured their daily livelihood and well-being for those times.

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